RIOT Products

Reliable, rugged, and scalable, wireless monitoring devices for a connected operations

Plug and Play

No wires, ready out-of-the-box, preconfigured to your network and security requirements.

Quick installation

Installs in minutes, screws into standard tank 1″ NTP fitting (others available)

Long battery life

Replaceable battery last 3+/5+ years, up to 30,000 LoRa messages

Data where you need it

Integrate the data with your preferred tools and workflows using our API


Embedded LoRa or BLE can be wirelessly paired with satellite or cellular communications device, providing local or global coverage.

Smarter Edge Device

No calibration necessary, automatic temperature compensation, and tank profiling.


HAZMAT, UL913, C1D1, Intrinsic Safe. Proven for use in monitoring in extreme environments of Alberta, Canada to Bakersfield, California.

Work with industry-proven devices

Wireless Sensors

Reliable and accurate wireless monitoring edge devices

Start optimizing your operations today

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