Wireless Tank Level Monitoring Solution


Model: TLM101-02 & TLM101-03


Plug-and-play tank level monitor delivers the ultimate return on your investment by combining tank level, temperature, and tilt sensor capabilities, with wireless communications modems and a replaceable battery enabling local and global visibility of multiple tank types in any environment to improve scalability, efficiency, and sustainability.

Maximum simplicity

The TLM101 is designed for maximum simplicity. The contactless ultrasonic tank level monitor takes 2 minutes to install, screw it in, and once activated, the device will begin broadcasting based on a user-defined reporting schedule.


Designed to operate reliably in harsh operating environments, the TLM101 is proven for use in monitoring of tanks in extreme environments of Alberta, Canada to Bakersfield, California.

The TLM101 has an embedded LoRa or Cellular modem or can be wirelessly paired with an ultra-ruggedized satellite communications device, providing local or global coverage using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

With a uniquely low price-point and a negligible installation cost, any fleet of fixed or mobile tanks can benefit from the TLM101

Simplified Installation

The TLM101 can be easily installed on multiple tank types including tanks that contain caustic, acidic, reactive and petroleum. RIOT Edge Solutions’ mobile app makes it easy for installers and account managers to checks both tank and sensor status in the field.

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