Excited to Share Our Story on the Oil & Gas Startups Podcast!

We’re thrilled to have RIOT’s Jim and Thad to be guests on the Digital Wildcatters Oil & Gas Startup Podcast.

On the show, we discussed our journey from starting RIOT Edge Solutions to becoming recent champions at the Midland Energy Tech Night. We talked about the power of edge computing in oil and gas operations, how it can improve efficiency and data accuracy, and even gave a sneak peek into the technical aspects of our solutions.

But that’s not all! We also dove into the future of edge computing in the industry and what exciting developments are on the horizon.

Ready to learn more about how Riot Edge Solutions is transforming the energy sector?

Head over to the Oil & Gas Startups Podcast and listen to the full episode [link to the podcast episode]. Trust us, it’s a conversation you won’t want to miss!

RIOT Edge Solutions on Oil & Gas Startup Podcast

About This Episode:

This week on the Oil and Gas Startups podcast, we were excited to host Jim and Thad from RIOT Edge Solutions, recent winners of the Midland Energy Tech Night championship.

Introduction to Riot Edge Solutions: Learn about Jim and Thad’s backgrounds and their journey to founding RIOT Edge Solutions, a company innovating at the crossroads of technology and energy.

Winning at Midland Energy Tech Night: A look at their recent victory and what it means for their company and its visibility in the industry. Edge Computing in Oil and Gas: Discussing the shift towards edge computing, the advantages it offers for real-time data processing, and how Riot Edge Solutions is leveraging this technology to transform operations.

Product Showcase: Dive into the technical aspects of Riot Edge Solutions’ products, including how their sensors improve operational efficiency and data accuracy in oil and gas operations.

Industry Impact and Future Trends: Explore how edge computing continues to evolve and what future developments Jim and Thad foresee in the technology landscape of the oil and gas industry.

About The Oil & Gas Startup Podcast

The Oil and Gas Startups podcast showcases industry leaders and founders, and tells their stories. Hosted by Collin McLelland and Jake Corley.

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